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➤ View the government’s manifesto pledges from the last election

➤ Check and update the progress of each pledge

➤ Anyone can edit

➤ Use Guvnut to keep track of each Government's pledges

View the pledges

About Guvnut

Each party writes a list of promises and pledges as part of their manifesto. Guvnut has extracted the pledges from the winning party of the last election and converted them into trackable tasks.

With Guvnut, you can view each pledge individually, and keep track of the progress. Is it done? Has it been superseded by events? Abandoned?

Guvnut lets anyone edit the status of each pledge, in the same way that anyone can edit Wikipedia. If you think a pledge has been completed, you can set it as complete. Or set it to in progress if it's not yet done.

Over time, Guvnut hopes to compile data or statistics on which parties complete their pledges. This way anyone can track which parties fulfil their pledges and which ones make empty promises.