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Guvnut uses your existing Internet accounts so you don't have to create a new account.

Privacy policy

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There was a problem logging in. This could be because your browser, an add-on, or your network provider is blocking 3rd party computer code loading.

Check your browser add-ons in case you have a virus scanner or privacy blocker active, or try a different login provider.


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Privacy policy

Guvnut does not store any personal data on its servers.

Logging in

For logging in, Guvnut uses different providers who let you log in to Guvnut without giving Guvnut your login information (technically, this is called federated identity authentication). When you log in with a provider, Guvnut generates an ID. The ID looks like a random number and isn't derived from any personal information. The ID is anonymous and cannot be deanonymised.

If you login with Amazon, the Amazon technical interface (their API) provides your name and email address. If you login with Facebook, the Facebook API provides your name and email address. If you login with Twitter, the Twitter API provides your Twitter handle. In each case, these are used by Guvnut software running on your device to show that you're logged in, and are not transmitted to or stored on Guvnut servers. Guvnut does not access any other data from your profile held by the authentication provider, even if their API would technically allow it.

Data collection and storage

By logging in you agree that Guvnut can store data that you provide in the course of using Guvnut. The applies to the pledge/promise progress information, which is public and can be updated by anyone once they've logged in. The data you provide is stored anonymously.

Guvnut may add functionality in the future where data you provide needs to be stored alongside the anonymous ID created when you first logged in, such as additional classification or opinion options, or website settings. This will allow Guvnut to show you the data you provided and let you update it.

Data you supply is stored in Guvnut's database which is hosted by a cloud computing company in Europe. Any data you provided is retained in Guvnut servers if you remove the permission for Guvnut to authenticate using Amazon, Facebook or Twitter.


Commenting functionality is made using a software module called Disqus. No data is transmitted to or stored by Guvnut in relation to the comments. The Disqus functionality is covered by Disqus' privacy policy. The commenting functionality isn't necessary for Guvnut to work and can be blocked by your web browser settings. Guvnut has configured Disqus to disable cookie tracking.


Guvnut uses Google Analytics and Cloudflare Web Analytics for gathering anonymous usage metrics. These are used to generate aggregated site usage statistics. They aren't necessary for Guvnut to work and can be blocked by your web browser settings.

Company information

Guvnut is operated by Tech and Software Ltd, registered in England and Wales with company number 10393375. Contact email: [email protected]