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Conservative manifesto 2019 pledges

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List of pledges

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CompleteLeave the European Union in January 2020edit
UnknownKeep the UK out of the [EU] single marketedit
UnknownKeep the UK out of any form of customs unionedit
UnknownEnd the role of the European Court of Justiceedit
UnknownTake back control of UK lawsedit
UnknownTake back control of UK moneyedit
UnknownControl our own trade policyedit
UnknownIntroduce an Australian-style points-based immigration systemedit
UnknownRaise standards in areas like workers' rights, animal welfare, agriculture and the environmentedit
UnknownEnsure we are in full control of UK fishing watersedit
UnknownDo not extend the Brexit implementation period beyond December 2020edit
UnknownNot borrow to fund day-to-day spendingedit
UnknownInvest thoughtfully and responsibly in infrastructureedit
UnknownPublic sector net investment will not average more than 3 per cent of GDPedit
UnknownIf debt interest reaches 6 per cent of revenue, reassess our plans to keep debt under controledit
UnknownDebt will be lower at the end of Parliamentedit
UnknownPrioritise the environmentedit
UnknownSpend £34 billion per year for the NHS by the end of Parliamentedit
UnknownBuild 40 new hospitalsedit
UnknownBoost early cancer diagnosis across 78 hospital trustsedit
UnknownWithin 3 months, enshrine in law the long-term NHS spending planedit
UnknownReduce health inequalityedit
UnknownRepair PFI dealsedit
UnknownInvest in preventing disease as well as curing itedit
UnknownDeliver 50,000 more nursesedit
UnknownStudents will receive a £5,000-£8,000 annual maintenance grant every year during their courseedit
UnknownHelp with student childcare costsedit
UnknownDeliver 6,000 more doctors in general practicesedit
UnknownDeliver 6,000 more primary care professionalsedit
UnknownImprove [NHS] staff moraleedit
UnknownIntroduce an NHS Visaedit
UnknownFund 50 million extra general practice appointments per yearedit
UnknownAddress the 'taper problem' in doctors' pensionsedit
UnknownEmpower people with lifestyle-related conditions such as obesity to live healthier livesedit
UnknownPromote the uptake of vaccinesedit
UnknownExtend social prescribingedit
UnknownOverhaul NHS screeningedit
UnknownFocus on helping patients with multiple conditionsedit
UnknownImprove hospital foodedit
UnknownDevelop new treatments for serious diseasesedit
UnknownExtend the Cancer Drugs Fundedit
UnknownImprove the early diagnosis and treatment of all major conditionsedit
UnknownTreat mental health with the same urgency as physical healthedit
UnknownMake it easier for people with learning disabilities and autism to be discharged from hospitaledit
UnknownTackle gambling addictionedit
UnknownImprove NHS performanceedit
UnknownUse frontline technology to improve patients' experienceedit
UnknownSupport hospicesedit
UnknownMake the NHS the best place in the world to give birthedit
UnknownExtend healthy life expectancy by five years by 2035edit
UnknownEnd unfair hospital car parking chargesedit
UnknownClamp down on health tourismedit
UnknownIncrease the NHS surchargeedit
UnknownWhen we negotiate trade deals, the NHS will not be on the tableedit
UnknownGive every person the dignity and security that they deserve [with respect to social care]edit
UnknownBuild the same level of consensus on social care as we have already built on the NHSedit
UnknownBuild a cross-party consensus on social careedit
UnknownNo one needing care should be forced to sell their home to pay for itedit
UnknownFund £1 billion in social care beginning April 2020 and for subsequent yearsedit
UnknownPrioritise finding a cure for dementiaedit
UnknownDouble research funding into dementiaedit
UnknownSpeed up trials of new treatments for dementiaedit
UnknownFund extra £74 billion over 3 years for additional capacity in community care settings for those with learning disabilities and autismedit
UnknownFund extra £5,000 a year for each secondary school pupiledit
UnknownFund extra £4,000 a year for each primary school pupiledit
UnknownFund extra £780 million to support children with Special Educational Needs in 2020edit
UnknownRaise teachers' starting salaries to £30,000edit
UnknownBack heads and teachers on disciplineedit
UnknownBack heads to use exclusionsedit
UnknownHelp teachers tackle bullyingedit
UnknownCreate more schoolsedit
UnknownSupport innovation [in education]edit
UnknownExpand 'alternative provision' schools for excluded studentsedit
UnknownDeliver more school places for children with complex Special Educational Needsedit
UnknownIntervene in schools where there is entrenched underperformanceedit
UnknownParents can choose the schools that best suit their childrenedit
UnknownContinue to build more free schoolsedit
UnknownInvest in arts, music and sport [in schools]edit
UnknownOffer an 'arts premium' to secondary schools to fund enriching activities for all pupilsedit
UnknownInvest in primary school PE teachingedit
UnknownPromote physical literacy and competitive sportedit
UnknownPromote stable, loving placements for children in careedit
UnknownReview the care system to ensure care placements provide children with the support they neededit
UnknownImprove the Troubled Families programmeedit
UnknownNot to raise the rates of income tax, National Insurance or VATedit
UnknownCut taxesedit
UnknownRaise the National Insurance threshold to £9,500 in 2020edit
UnknownEnsure first £12,500 earned is tax freeedit
UnknownEstablish £1 billion fund to help create more high quality, affordable childcareedit
UnknownKeep existing energy cap and introduce new measures to lower billsedit
UnknownExtend water rebate for those in the South Westedit
UnknownKeep the triple lock, the winter fuel payment, the older person's bus pass and other pensioner benefitsedit
UnknownConduct a comprehensive review to look at how to fix pension deficits cause by a loophole affecting people with net pay pension schemesedit
UnknownAbolish the tampon taxedit
UnknownContinue the roll-out of Universal Creditedit
UnknownPunish those who commit benefit fraudedit
UnknownSupport the main carer in any household receiving the Universal Credit paymentedit
UnknownReduce poverty, including child povertyedit
UnknownMaintain commitment to free school mealsedit
UnknownExtend the entitlement to leave for unpaid carersedit
UnknownEmpower and support disabled peopleedit
UnknownReduce the number of reassessments a disabled person must go throughedit
UnknownPublish a National Strategy for Disabled People before the end of 2020edit
UnknownIncrease SEND fundingedit
UnknownSupport pupils, students and adults to get careers advice, internships and transition into workedit
UnknownReduce the disability employment gapedit
UnknownBack the policeedit
UnknownBack tasers and body camerasedit
UnknownPut the Police Covenant into lawedit
UnknownMake it easier for police officers to stop and search those convicted of knife crimeedit
UnknownAnyone charged with knife crime will appear before magistrates within daysedit
UnknownThose who use a knife as a weapon should go to prisonedit
UnknownIntroduce tougher sentencing for the worst offendersedit
UnknownEnd automatic halfway release from prison for serious crimesedit
UnknownLife imprisonment without parole for child murderersedit
UnknownPrevent foreign national offenders entering the countryedit
UnknownCut the number of foreign nationals in prisonsedit
UnknownTackle drug-related crimeedit
UnknownTake a new approach to drug treatment to reduce drug deaths and related crimeedit
UnknownCreate a prisoner education service focused on work-based training and skillsedit
UnknownImprove employment opportunities for ex-offendersedit
UnknownBack police and prison officers and emergency service workersedit
UnknownStrengthen the accountability of elected Police and Crime Commissioners and expand their roleedit
UnknownExpand electronic taggingedit
UnknownToughen community sentencesedit
UnknownEmbrace new technologies and crack down on online crimesedit
UnknownCreate a national cyber crime forceedit
UnknownEmpower police to safely use new technologies like biometrics and artificial intelligenceedit
UnknownCreate a world-class National Crime Laboratoryedit
UnknownCounter the growing threat of serious and organised crimeedit
UnknownStrengthen the National Crime Agencyedit
UnknownAdd 10,000 more prison placesedit
UnknownMaintain the ban on prisoners voting from jailedit
UnknownConduct a root-and-branch review of the parole systemedit
UnknownEstablish a Royal Commission on the criminal justice processedit
UnknownCombat extremismedit
UnknownEnsure extremists never receive public moneyedit
UnknownKeep the country safe from terrorismedit
UnknownInvest in the police and security services and give them the powers they neededit
UnknownImprove the safety and security of public venuesedit
UnknownTack unauthorised traveller campsedit
UnknownArrest and seize the property and vehicles of trespassers who set up unauthorised encampmentsedit
UnknownMake intentional trespass a criminal offenceedit
UnknownSupport the victims of domestic abuseedit
UnknownIncrease support for refuges and community support for victims of rape and sexual abuseedit
UnknownPilot integrated domestic abuse courtsedit
UnknownContinue to fight crime against women and girlsedit
UnknownProtect people from physical attack or harassmentedit
UnknownCombat harassment and violenceedit
UnknownProtect those who work in countering extremism are protected from threats and intimidationedit
UnknownBan public bodies from imposing their own direct or indirect boycotts, disinvestment or sanctions campaigns against foreign countriesedit
UnknownLegislate to make the UK the safest place to be onlineedit
UnknownDefend freedom of expressionedit
UnknownTackle issues around loot boxes and credit card misuseedit
UnknownIntroduce a firmer and fairer Australian-style points-based immigration systemedit
UnknownMigrants will contribute to the NHS, and pay in before their receive benefitsedit
UnknownAttract the best and brightest [migrants] from all over the worldedit
UnknownEstablish immigration controls and end freedom of movementedit
UnknownThere will be fewer lower-skilled migrantsedit
UnknownReduce overall migrant numbersedit
UnknownCreate NHS Visa schemeedit
UnknownRecruit leaders in their field to come to the UKedit
UnknownPrioritise migrants who have a good grasp of English, are law-abiding, and have good education and qualificationsedit
UnknownDo not allow serious criminals into the countryedit
UnknownKeep track of who is coming in and out of the countryedit
UnknownOverhaul the current immigration system, and make it more fair and compassionateedit
UnknownTreat EU and non-EU citizens equallyedit
UnknownEU citizens who came to live in the UK before Brexit can stayedit
UnknownCreate student visa schemeedit
UnknownCreate a start-up visa to attract entrepreneursedit
UnknownTackle prejudice, racism and discriminationedit
UnknownBoost English language teachingedit
UnknownBack the National Citizen Serviceedit
UnknownImprove the quality of evidence and data about the types of barriers different groups faceedit
UnknownGrant asylum and support to refugees fleeing persecutionedit
UnknownChampion freedom of expression and toleranceedit
UnknownSupport a memorial recognising the contribution of the Windrush Generationedit
UnknownPeople coming from the UK will only be able to access unemployment, housing and child benefit after five yearsedit
UnknownNo longer allow people to claim benefit for children living overseasedit
UnknownRequire new arrivals to contribute to the funding of the NHSedit
UnknownDouble the budget of health tourism enforcement unitedit
UnknownEnsure new GP and school places are delivered ahead of people moving into new housing developmentsedit
UnknownInvest in a new Towns Fund that will target 100 townsedit
UnknownCut taxes for small local businesses, local music venues, pubs and cinemasedit
UnknownInvest £500 million in new youth clubs and servicesedit
UnknownA Safer Streets Fund will invest in preventative measures like CCTV or community wardensedit
UnknownWork with local universities to do more for the education, health and prosperity of their local areasedit
UnknownEstablish a £150 Community Ownership Fund to encourage local takeovers of civic organisations or community assets that are under threatedit
UnknownSet up a fan-led review of football governanceedit
UnknownWork with [football] fans and clubs towards introducing safe standingedit
UnknownHelp communities that want to create 'pocket parks' and regenerate derelict areasedit
UnknownSupport activities, traditions and events that bring communities togetheredit
UnknownExtend the business rates relief of local and regional newspapers edit
UnknownInvest £100 billion in additional infrastructure spendingedit
UnknownSpend £4 billion in flood defencesedit
UnknownBuild Northern Powerhouse Railedit
UnknownInvest in the Midlands Rail Hubedit
UnknownInvest in improving train lines to the South West and East Angliaedit
UnknownExtend contactless pay-as-you-go ticketing to almost 200 more stations in the South Eastedit
UnknownGive city regions the funding to upgrade their bus, tram and train servicesedit
UnknownCreate a simpler, more effective rail systemedit
UnknownFund £28.8 billion in strategic and local roadsedit
UnknownInvest £1 billion in completing a fast-charging network [for vehicles]edit
UnknownPhase out the sale of new conventional petrol and diesel carsedit
UnknownRequire that a minimum service operates during transport strikesedit
UnknownConsider the Oakervee Review of HS2 and decide the optimal outcomeedit
UnknownRestore many of the Beeching [train] linesedit
UnknownInvest in superbus networksedit
UnknownLaunch a pothole-filling programmeedit
UnknownSupport commuter cycling routesedit
UnknownCreate a £350 million Cycling Infrastructure Fundedit
UnknownSupport a third runway at Heathrowedit
UnknownCut the time aircraft spend waiting to landedit
UnknownBuild on Britain's pioneering work in electric and low-carbon fightedit
UnknownBring full fibre and gigabit-capable broadband to every home and business across the UK by 2025edit
UnknownFund £5 billion to connect premises [to broadband] which are not commercially viableedit
UnknownLocal people will continue to have their say on council taxedit
UnknownDevolve power to people and places across the UKedit
UnknownPublish an English Devolution White Paperedit
UnknownDrive greater levels of foreign investment into the UKedit
UnknownEncourage a new market of long-term fixed rate mortgagesedit
UnknownOffer more homes to local familiesedit
UnknownMaintain commitment to Right to Buy for council tenantsedit
UnknownExtend the Help to Buy scheme from 2021 to 2023edit
UnknownSimplify shared ownership products [for housing]edit
UnknownContinue with reforms to leaseholdedit
UnknownBring in a Better Deal for Rentersedit
UnknownPublish a Social Housing White Paperedit
UnknownEmpower tenants and support the continued supply of social homesedit
UnknownRenew the Affordable Homes Programmeedit
UnknownSupport the delivery of thousands of affordable homesedit
UnknownEnd the blight of rough sleepingedit
UnknownBring in a stamp duty surcharge on non-UK resident buyersedit
UnknownBuild at least 1,000,000 more homesedit
UnknownMaking the planning system simpleredit
UnknownSupport modern building methods of constructionedit
UnknownAmend planning rules so that infrastructure comes before people moving into new homesedit
UnknownAsk every community to decide on its own design standards for new developmentsedit
UnknownImplement and legislate for all the recommendations of the Hackitt Reviewedit
UnknownSupport high rise residential residents with the removal of unsafe claddingedit
UnknownHelp people who want to build their own homesedit
UnknownSupport the creation of environmentally friendly homesedit
UnknownEncourage innovative design and technology to make housing more affordableedit
UnknownProtect and enhance the Green Beltedit
UnknownFund a £3 billion National Skills Fundedit
UnknownReduce business ratesedit
UnknownComplete a first view of the business rate systemedit
UnknownFurther reduce business rates for retail businesses, music venues, small cinemas and pubsedit
UnknownIncrease the Employment Allowance for small businessesedit
UnknownSupport start-ups and small businesses via government procurement, and pay on timeedit
UnknownClamp down on late payment to small businessesedit
UnknownExpand start-up loansedit
UnknownHelp SMEs to become exportersedit
UnknownAchieve the right regulatory balance between supporting business and protecting workersedit
UnknownEnsure that regulation is sensible and proportionateedit
UnknownEncourage investment in physical building and equipmentedit
UnknownHelp employers invest in skillsedit
UnknownLook at how to improve the working of the Apprenticeship Levyedit
UnknownContinue the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme and the Enterprise Investment Scheme into the next Parliamentedit
UnknownIncrease R&D tax credit rate to 13 per cent and review the definition of R&Dedit
UnknownReview and reform Entrepreneur's Reliefedit
UnknownExplore how we can better support the self-employededit
UnknownTackle tax evasion and reduce opportunities for aggressive tax avoidanceedit
UnknownCreate an anti-tax avoidance and evasion law with a maximum prison sentence of 14 yearsedit
UnknownCreate a single Anti-Tax Evasion unit in HMRCedit
UnknownConsolidate existing [tax] anti-evasion and avoidance measures and powersedit
UnknownIntroduce new [tax] anti-evasion measuresedit
UnknownImplement the Digital Services Taxedit
UnknownRedesign the tax system so that it boosts growth, wages and investment and limits arbitrary tax advantages for the wealthiestedit
UnknownStrength the UK's corporate governance regimeedit
UnknownReform insolvency rules and the audit regimeedit
UnknownImprove incentives to attack the problem of excessive executive pay and rewards for failureedit
UnknownReintroduce legislation to protect pension pots from being plundered by bossesedit
UnknownRequire significant numbers of new UK apprentices for all big new infrastructure projectsedit
UnknownCreate a £3 billion National Skills Fundedit
UnknownInvest almost £2 billion to upgrade the entire further education college estateedit
UnknownCreate 20 Institutes of Technologyedit
UnknownEnsure £500 million of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund is used to give disadvantaged people the skills they neededit
UnknownMaintain and strengthen the UK's global position in higher educationedit
UnknownConsider the Augar Review recommendations on tuition feesedit
UnknownLook at interest rates on [student] loan repaymentsedit
UnknownTackle grade inflation and low quality coursesedit
UnknownImprove the application and offer system for undergraduate studentsedit
UnknownStrengthen academic freedom and free speech in universitiesedit
UnknownFocus on raising standards in universitiesedit
UnknownStrength universities and colleges' civic roleedit
UnknownPrioritise the principle of fairness in the workplaceedit
UnknownCreate a single enforcement body and crack down on any employer abusing employment lawedit
UnknownEnsure workers have the right to request a more predictable contractedit
UnknownEncourage flexible workingedit
UnknownLegislate to allow parents to take extended leave for neonatal careedit
UnknownMake it easier for fathers to take paternity leaveedit
UnknownFund more high-quality childcare before and after school and during the holidaysedit
UnknownIncrease R&D spending, including in basic science researchedit
UnknownFund a new agency for high-risk, high-payoff researchedit
UnknownFocus funding on areas where the UK can generate a commanding lead in the industries of the futureedit
UnknownMake the UK the leading global hub for life sciencesedit
UnknownFund affordable and accessible clean energy using the Ayrton Fundedit
UnknownAttract and kickstart private investment using R&D fundingedit
UnknownSupport international collaboration and exchangeedit
UnknownEnsure UK teams can recruit the skill and talent they need from abroadedit
UnknownReform the science funding systemedit
UnknownUnlock long-term capital in pension funds to invest in and commercialise scientific discoveriesedit
UnknownCollaborate internationally and with the EU on scientific researchedit
UnknownDrive forward technologies of critical importance to the UKedit
UnknownInvest in world-class computing and health data systemsedit
UnknownUse government procurement to support new ideas and new companiesedit
UnknownFund £250 million to local libraries and museumsedit
UnknownMaintain support for creative sector tax reliefsedit
UnknownMaintain support for free entry to the UK's national museumsedit
UnknownFree farmers from the Common Agricultural Policy and move to a system based on 'public money for public goods'edit
UnknownGuarantee the current annual budget to farmersedit
UnknownRequire that farmers farm in a way that protects and enhances our natural environmentedit
UnknownEncourage the public sector to 'Buy British'edit
UnknownIncrease the annual quota for the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Schemeedit
UnknownLeave the Common Fisheries Policyedit
UnknownMaintain funding for fisheries across the UK's nationsedit
UnknownLegislate a requirement to fish sustainability and to achieve the maximum sustainable yield for each stockedit
UnknownRoll out gigabit broadband across the country by 2025 and provide greater mobile coverageedit
UnknownTackle rural crimeedit
UnknownCement Opportunity Areas programmeedit
UnknownInvest in the bus networkedit
UnknownWant people to buy Britishedit
UnknownLead the world in the quality of our food, agriculture and land managementedit
UnknownRequire that farmers and fishermen act as stewards of the natural worldedit
UnknownSet up Office For Environmental Protectionedit
UnknownIntroduce environmental legal targets including for air qualityedit
UnknownFund £640 million Nature for Climate Fundedit
UnknownCreate a Great Northumberland Forestedit
UnknownReach an additional 75,000 acres of trees a year by the end of the next Parliamentedit
UnknownRestore peatlandedit
UnknownCreate new National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beautyedit
UnknownMake the coast to coast path across the North a National Trailedit
UnknownLead the world in tackling plastics pollutionedit
UnknownIntroduce a levy to increase the proportion of recyclable plastics in packagingedit
UnknownBan the export of plastic waste to non-OECD countriesedit
UnknownCrack down on the waste and carelessness that destroys our natural environment and kills marine lifeedit
UnknownIncrease penalties for fly-tippingedit
UnknownMake those on community sentences clean up their parks and streetsedit
UnknownIntroduce a deposit return scheme to incentivise people to recycle plastic and glassedit
UnknownMake no changes to the Hunting Actedit
UnknownUse the UK Shared Prosperity Fund to bind together the whole of the UK, tackling inequality and deprivationedit
UnknownThe UK Shared Prosperity Fund will match, at a minimum, the size of the EU Structural Funds in each nationedit
UnknownEnsure that UK Government and institutions realise the benefits of four nations working together as one United Kingdomedit
UnknownEnsure new freeports benefit people in each of the four nationsedit
UnknownRemain committed to 1998 Belfast Agreement and its successor agreementsedit
UnknownRe-establish the Northern Ireland Executive and Assemblyedit
UnknownEnsure Northern Ireland's businesses enjoy unfettered access to the rest of the UKedit
UnknownMaintain and strengthen the integrity and smooth operation of the UK's internal marketedit
UnknownSupport the Northern Ireland Executive to improve infrastructure, enterprise and tourism, reduce public sector dependence and make the most of new City Dealsedit
UnknownDevolve responsibility for corporation taxedit
UnknownTackle the threat from terrorism and the scourge of paramilitarismedit
UnknownSeek better ways of dealing with legacy issues that provide better outcomes for victims and survivorsedit
UnknownGive veterans the protections they deserveedit
UnknownReview alcohol duty to ensure that the tax system supports British drink producersedit
UnknownSupport a deal to transform the oil and gas sector as UK moves to Net Zero economyedit
UnknownEnsure that Wales get a fare deal as part of Brexitedit
UnknownChampion Welsh exports and Wales' presence on the global stageedit
UnknownNegotiate a Marches Growth Deal to focus on England/Wales border infrastructureedit
UnknownUpgrade the A55edit
UnknownDeliver the M4 relief roadedit
UnknownFund the building of the West Wales Parkway Stationedit
UnknownBack Welsh car manufacturingedit
UnknownSupport Welsh institutionsedit
UnknownSupport the ambition for one million Welsh speakers by 2050edit
UnknownGet rid of the Fixed Term Parliaments Actedit
UnknownUpdate Parliamentary boundariesedit
UnknownSupport the First Past the Post systemedit
UnknownIntroduce identification to vote at polling stationsedit
UnknownIntroduce measures to prevent foreign interference in electionsedit
UnknownMake it easier for British expats to voteedit
UnknownMaintain the voting age at 18edit
UnknownEnsure no one is put off from engaging in politics or standing in an election by threats, harassment or abuseedit
UnknownRepeal section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2014edit
UnknownNot proceed with second stage of the Leveson Inquiryedit
UnknownEnsure redundancy payments can be reclaimed when high-paid public servants move between jobsedit
UnknownImprove the use of data, data science and evidence in the process of governmentedit
UnknownCraft legislation and standards that maintain high standards but which work best for the UKedit
UnknownLook at the relationship between Government, Parliament and the courtsedit
UnknownLook at the functioning of the Royal Prerogativeedit
UnknownLook at the role of the House of Lordsedit
UnknownLook at access to justice for ordinary peopleedit
UnknownUpdate the Human Rights Act to ensure there is a proper balance between the rights of individuals, national security and governmentedit
UnknownSet up a Constitution, Democracy & Rights Commission to examine the constitutionedit
UnknownContinue to be an outward-looking country that is a champion of collective security, the rule of law, human rights, free trade, anti-corruption efforts and a rule-based international systemedit
UnknownBolster alliances and institutions that help protect the UK's influence and keep the UK safeedit
UnknownOpen new markets and support free trade growthedit
UnknownBuild on track record of delivering major international sporting eventsedit
UnknownBack a potential UK and Ireland bid for the 2030 FIFA World Cupedit
UnknownReinvigorate relationships with Europeedit
UnknownWork with our cultural institutions like the BBC and British Council to expand our influence and project our valuesedit
UnknownStand up to foreign countries that threaten the stability of Europe, or commit state-sanctioned murder on British soiledit
UnknownIntroduce legislation to tackle legal claims that undermine the Armed Forcesedit
UnknownFurther incorporate the Armed Forces Covenant into lawedit
UnknownAcknowledge and commemorate the contribution of diaspora communities in previous armed conflictsedit
UnknownRecognise the contribution in the present day of [forces] from beyond these shoresedit
UnknownReduce National Insurance contributions for employers if they employ ex-Service personneledit
UnknownOffer wraparound childcare for Forces familiesedit
UnknownIntroduce a Veterans' Railcardedit
UnknownOffer a guaranteed job interview for veterans for any public service role they apply foredit
UnknownContinue to exceed the NATO target of spending 2 per cent of GDP on defenceedit
UnknownIncrease the NATO budget by 0.5 per cent above inflation every yearedit
UnknownModernise the equipment and improve the capability of the Armed Forces and intelligence agenciesedit
UnknownInvest in training and equipping the Armed Forcesedit
UnknownMaintain the Trident nuclear deterrentedit
UnknownInvest more in cybersecurityedit
UnknownSet up the UK's first Space Commandedit
UnknownStand against terrorism and extremismedit
UnknownInvest in global defence programmesedit
UnknownInvest in Type 31 frigates in British shipyardsedit
UnknownInvest in new armoured vehicles made in Britainedit
UnknownFurther develop an independent Magnitsky-style sanctions regime to tackle human rights abusersedit
UnknownStand up for the right for every girl in the world to have 12 years of educationedit
UnknownContinue the campaign to promote international media freedomedit
UnknownContinue the campaign to eradicate human trafficking and modern slaveryedit
UnknownSupport marginalised communities in the developing worldedit
UnknownHost the UK government's first ever LGBT conferenceedit
UnknownProtect those persecuted for their faithedit
UnknownImplement the Truro Review recommendationsedit
UnknownMaintain the commitment to spend 0.7 per cent of GNI on developmentedit
UnknownDo more to help countries receiving aid become self-sufficientedit
UnknownEnd the preventable deaths of mothers, new-born babies and children by 2030edit
UnknownLead the way in eradicating Ebola and malariaedit
UnknownSupport the construction of the UK Holocaust Memorialedit
UnknownIntroduce tougher sentences for animal crueltyedit
UnknownCrack down on the illegal smuggling of dogs and puppiesedit
UnknownBring in new laws on animal sentienceedit
UnknownEnd excessively long journeys for slaughtering and fatteningedit
UnknownBring the ivory ban into forceedit
UnknownExtent the ivory ban to cover other ivory-bearing speciesedit
UnknownBan imports from trophy hunting of endangered speciesedit
UnknownBan keeping primates as petsedit
UnknownBring forward cat microchippingedit
UnknownDeliver on the target of Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050edit
UnknownAsk global partners to match the UK's ambition [of greenhouse gas emissions]edit
UnknownSet up new international partnerships to tackle deforestation, protect landscapes and wildlife corridorsedit
UnknownEstablish a £500 million Blue Planet Fund to help protect oceans from pollution, warming sea temperatures and overfishingedit
UnknownExtend the Blue Belt programme to preserve the maritime environmentedit
UnknownLead diplomatic efforts to protect 30 per cent of the world's oceans by 2030edit
UnknownInvest in decarbonisation schemesedit
UnknownFund £4 billion in new flood defencesedit
UnknownInvest in electric vehicle infrastructure including a national plug-in network and gigafactoryedit
UnknownInvest in clean energyedit
UnknownDeliver 2 million jobs in clean growthedit
UnknownOffshore wind industry will reach 40GW by 2030edit
UnknownEnable new floating wind farmsedit
UnknownInvest £800 million to build a carbon capture storage cluster by the mid-2020sedit
UnknownInbest £500 million to help energy-intensive industries to move to low-carbon techniquesedit
UnknownSupport gas for hydrogen productionedit
UnknownSupport nuclear energy, including fusionedit
UnknownDo not support fracking unless the science shows that it can be done safelyedit
UnknownInvest £9.2 billion in the energy efficiency of homes, schools and hospitalsedit
UnknownSupport clean transport to ensure clean airedit
UnknownSet new laws on air qualityedit
UnknownConsult on the earliest date by which we can phase out the sale of new conventional petrol and diesel carsedit
UnknownAim for 80 per cent of UK trade covered by free trade agreements within the next three yearsedit
UnknownForge stronger links with the Commonwealthedit
UnknownUse export finance to increase UK business' access to emerging marketsedit
UnknownOpen up trade in servicesedit
UnknownCreate up to 10 freeports around the UKedit
UnknownPromote British business and UK exportsedit
UnknownDismantle barriers to tradeedit
UnknownRetake our seat in the World Trade Organisationedit
UnknownWhen negotiating trade talks, 6 specific principles will be followededit